The real objective of education is developing a desire for learning and to live in harmony with the self and the surroundings. This objective can be achieved by cultivating thinking which is critical, creative and caring. The process needs for continuously formulating strategies, questions, experiences and reconstructing the approach to negotiate problems. In the present borderless information society, educational system deserve appropriate responses to meet the additional demands of the rapidly globalizing world by raising awareness on environment, peace, cultural and social diversity amid increasing competitions. THE LEARNING COMMUNITY aims at highlighting the endeavors of the innovative minds of the intellectuals and will recognize the efforts of the learned people which will certainly go a long mile and provide the readers the latest development in educational practices.

THE LEARNING COMMUNITY, an international biannual journal is a journey towards achieving success in expanding to its readers on the recent trends in educational and social developments and will l work as a potential mechanism internationally, with a competitive mindset. This journal encourages various educational and social issues. It also promotes cognitive process by enhancing social life through knowledge sharing and mutual participation, aims to encourage a shared community of knowledge that is inter national in scope. Teachers and researchers in various areas of social sciences will find it extremely as a creative way to enrich their knowledge.

THE LEARNING COMMUNITY is the offshoot of quality papers submitted by distinguished academicians and researchers from all over the world. Their views and diverse research findings are remarkable and will certainly supplement extensively in the field of education. The thought embedded in the journal will not only inform the readers but would provide support for educators to nurture their educational practices.

It is a moment of pride to congratulate the authors for their contributions and the reviewers for insightful suggestions that have helped to enhance the quality of the papers and for their commendable dedication to the first issue of THE LEARNING COMMUNITY.


Shireesh Pal Singh

Bishnu Mohan Dash

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