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Year: 2020 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Coping with Stress during COVID-19 Using Mind Map: Case Studies

Sahitya M.G.


Corona Virus turning into global pandemic and countries going under lockdown is taxing. The panorama of not being able to leave house may be distressing, and can negatively impact mental health of the people of any age group worldwide, especially learner community who are at the edge of academic year and looking forward for new endeavours. This uncertainty can lead to anxiety and severe stress. During such time the focus should be on aspects which are in control rather than worrying about what is not in control. It’s important for the learners at this stage to handle stress as it can take a toll on him/her both physically and mentally. Besides academic support, they need effective psychological support. Because during stress mind is clustered with several negative thoughts which hamper daily activities and performance. Mastering in ‘mind mapping’ is skill which could be useful for the learners. The major objective of the paper is to describe the nature of stress the learners can face during this pandemic, provide a framework of mind mapping to cope up with stress to achieve learning outcomes by reducing anxiety, encouraging creative ways to study. This paper will help the teachers and parents to provide effective support to the learners and the learners will be able to develop coping strategies to allocate their energy productively and build resilience against stress. The researcher investigated three case studies using mind map technique. The results show that mind map is one of the useful techniques to reduce stress as it facilitates in visualising all the thoughts and ideas at one place and take further decision by performing those written tasks.

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