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Year: 2020 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Integrating Social Studies Education, Religion and Cultural Values for National Interest as Panacea for Curbing Social Violence in Nigeria

A.A. Adediran Lijadu M.O.


The experience of civil war that threatened the unity of this nation Nigeria would have been lessons for all citizens if the society would continue to be a united nation, but the recent spate of anti-social activities leading to outright social violence points to blank reminiscence of those gloomy days. New forms of social violence that are alien to our cultural and society are on the increase. Our unity, security, peace and survival as a nation are threatened. Yet there is an unpredictable expansion of our education sector and a prolific growth and development of religious groups which in the ordinary sense should be agents of peaceful co-existence. What then is wrong? This paper argues that there is a missing link between social studies education, cultural values, ethnicity, religious values and ideals. Ethnocentric interests are priced above national unity; religions highly politicized thereby leading to clash of ideologies and thus social violence. It is the opinion of these writers that since social studies education is both value free and value laden subject which cannot be out rightly separated from religious, cultural and political interest, a synthetic integration of the virtues of these institutions for national interest will be panacea for curbing social violence in Nigeria. The paper delves into the role of social studies education in eradicating or stemming all forms of social violence in Nigeria. The paper then recommends that National inter-ethnic and inter-religious conferences to be organized quarterly every year for values assimilation and orientation as a measure for curbing social violence.

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